Swiffy Output














Older design project, involving the creation of a Holiday business site, with animated Banner Ad and also a gritty art design website.

An Older screen image here, course is now completed and passed.

A collection of some past artistic projects, from photography to Logo design and digital Landscape projects.

An old photo from graduation and a special effects practice image.

Old portrait practice and artistic mosaic attempt.

Old College project of creating a Multi user digital market place.

M.U.M for short, a similar idea came out a year later on playstation Home with a 3d shopping environment.

also a sketch of a relaxed card game re-painted.

The "Doc-Watch"

was a 3D max studio concept project of a watch that could thumb print scan and distribute medication to the wearer.

A classic older personal statement,

written for College about goals achieved and the type of work i wish to pursue.

Some research notes and a jazzy recording video of a Newport museum display event that was at the River Front building i recorded.

The Compu-book

project was an idea to integrate a book with technology,

displaying a story before the readers eyes.

The concept would work by a series of Tilt switches that would be attached to each page,

activating as each page was turned.

showing different images on screen.

It was an enjoyable project of mixing new technology with old media.

Sony later developed a similar invention 2 years later called the "Wonderbook" using Augmented reality and QR codes technology.

The theme i chose was a historical re enactment of the history of Wales with Roman settlers and their influence on the South Wales area. Using Flash Animation, the ships would move and castles rise with sounds etc.

definitely a project i would like to work more on in the future with other stories.