Swiffy Output
Digital Art Works Using photoshop and other software i will be displaying varying styles of artworks created. from Fantasy to blueprint designs. traditional and portraits. Landscapes and Logos. will be keeping upto date on the Media pages. Social Media Many other popular social media sites host works and pages of mine and will be keeping them up to date as much as possible. Photography Sony Nex 5 series Camera 18-55mm Lens WIll display multiple high quality photographs displayed in the Media Pages. Also able to repair and recover damaged,old or red eyed photographs and slides. Animation Creating many moving images and special effects, will be adding many more to the media pages soon and showing the process of how each was created.
Welcome to Graphicskitchen.co.uk My personal portfolio for design and animation work. You can contact me via the page and make a request for a range of digital art and animation services. Look forward to hearing from you! Contacts
Pet Portraits Offers a service to capture your pet in a painting. whether they be dog, cat, lizard or bird. You can request a portrait and a print can be created sent to you as a digital file. If a canvas print is requested, prices and details can be asked via the Contacts page.
News Archives Check out the News page, for upcoming details on projects, events and changes to the site.
Photography fixes, colour & repairs Repairing old damaged photographs removing speckles, red eye or burn damage and even giving an old black and white photo, a more modern appearance. requests and images can be sent on the contacts page, along with attached photo by email.